I am a contemporary artist established in Bucharest – Romania enjoying the eclectic cultural universe of Eastern Europe. I have an MA degree in ambient design at Bucharest National University of Arts and a BA at Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca.

My journey started at a young age, with art always at my side at home. I was surrounded by my mother’s artworks, exposed to my father’s passion for photography, and an architecture studio was my playground. I discovered that painting as a way of expressing myself, altering subjects through completely new perspectives, meant being free from any boundaries.

Because I believe that art is an indispensable part of our daily life, I decided to follow this passion as a way of life, alongside my work as a designer.

My painting process is guided by basic colors and human emotions, always mindful of the environment in which the final artworks can live, blending my experience as an interior designer and visual artist in order to create completion of our inner self in unexpected, yet relatable ways.

Abstract expressionism allows me to break the rules and to choose complexity in the making instead, by following a state of mind, by creating, above everything, an experience.




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