Returning to the studio after 5 years of absence means a new journey ahead, an EXPEDITION.

This project started in March 2020 and aims to document my comeback to the artworld through multiple small and accessible artwork series on paper.


I see choosing art as a primary trajectory in life like climbing a mountain, with all the challenges facing it, bringing adrenaline to the blood and color to the soul.


It means learning about myself, new expression languages and a journey of self-discovery.


The first steps into the unknown, reaching higher, losing traces, revealing new perspectives, and conquering a peak represent milestones in my initiatory journey to self-knowledge. I hope that everyone experiences this at least once in life.


I invite you to join and enjoy my EXPEDITION by collecting some of these original, authentic artworks.


*Every work you buy comes with an authenticity certificate and with the certainty that you support a young contemporary artist.